Use Invisalign to Better Your Smile

By Ravi Vinod

Invisalign is the answer to a better smile. Lack of confidence caused by crooked teeth can lower one’s self esteem. It can be quite uncomfortable smiling especially when your teeth are misaligned or chipped. That is why many people visit orthodontists. They are experts at correcting crooked or misshaped teeth. Wearing braces is quite uncomfortable especially for an adult and also somewhat embarrassing. Experts have come up with a new technology, Invisalign to help you align your teeth for normal health reasons and to restore confidence. These are custom shaped trays called aligners which help regulate your teeth to the normal shape within a period of only two months. The good thing is that they are invisible, effective and also painless. Invisalign is comfortable and also competent at teeth straightening and is a technology that has rapidly overtaken metal braces. Since these aligners can be removed anytime without a hassle, it is up to the patient to keep them in for as long as is necessary to get good results. Correcting teeth is very vital, not only for beauty purposes, but also for general health reasons.

It is quite easy to use these aligners and one feels at ease compared to traditional braces. Because of these conveniences and the added benefit of straightened teeth, a lot of people prefer using Invisalign. As a matter of fact you can hardly feel it in your mouth and it does not cause any irritation at all.

Invisalign treatment procedure:

Book a consultation with your dentist. This is to discuss whether the process is right for you. At this stage you should ask any questions you have about the treatment and also address any concerns you may have. Once you are approved for the procedure, the following takes place.

• First, you undergo x-rays and your teeth impressions are processed so as to fashion a treatment that fits your face structure as well as your mouth.

• After the treatment plan has been conducted, clear aligners are made specifically for your teeth. You should wear them all the time except when you are brushing and flossing.

• After every two weeks, you will go back to the hospital for a fresh set of aligners, which indicate improvement in your treatment.

• Basically the whole treatment process takes about a year for an adult. However, it is important to know that some patients react differently to similar treatment. This means that it might take a shorter period for some than others. For good results, wear the Invisalign for 20-22 hours a day. This way, you will be guaranteed to have a good confident smile.

Advantages of using Invisalign:

• No food restriction- when undergoing this treatment you are not restricted to any type of food.

• Aligners are made to fit into your teeth. This is to get rid of any irritation or discomfort that may be caused by over sized aligners.

• You can easily remove them. You can conveniently remove them when you are brushing your teeth or at any other time.

• Aligners assist in solving periodontal diseases. These are diseases mostly caused by misaligned teeth.

• They solve oral issues. These include speaking/chewing problems, mouth sores and also biting problems. These are common conditions for people with misaligned teeth.

• Aligners are actually invisible. One cannot easily detect that you are wearing aligners as opposed to braces, metal brackets or wires. This makes the whole treatment discreet.

• Aligners are very comfortable. You easily forget you are wearing them. You don’t have to keep putting fingers in your mouth to adjust them every time.

Just because you have misaligned or crooked teeth does not mean you are condemned to never having a great smile for the rest of your life. Get a smile makeover with Invisalign and notice the difference.

Invisalign refers to teeth aligners that are used for the purpose of aligning teeth and settling dental-related inconsistencies.