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The Information You Need To Wear Braces

What is it that causes people to be braces? What are braces? How many different kinds of braces are there? What is wearing braces do for you? How much do you have to pay for braces?

All these can be answered by an orthodontist and or someone who has worn braces before. These are important things to ask and you should not feel ashamed to find out. Many people have problems with their teeth and need to see the dentist at some point in their life. This visit may result in needing braces of some kind. Which braces are best for you?

The information listed below will give you some important facts that will help you to make a decision about wearing braces, so you are better informed.

What Are Some Of The Reasons For Wearing Braces?

Prices were created to correct problems with the positioning of the teeth. Not only are the teeth affected by the problems but, the jaw can be also. This is known as a malocclusion.

The word malocclusion means that there is a problem with the way you bite down on things. Orthodontic braces are designed to get the bite back in the right position so you can not only feel better by a lot better as well.

What Are Braces?

Orthodontic races are equipment that it used to correct the dental problems with the positioning of the teeth and jaws. Other equipment that can be used to do the same thing are known as retainers in gear for the head.

There are three pieces that make up braces. They are known as brackets, metal wires, and bands made from elastic.

And the metal wires are made from a thin piece of a wire that holds the Brackets and the band to the front part of the teeth. This wire makes one complete set that is known as braces.

The brackets show up on that the more that any other piece. Most of the time, they’re connected to the teeth in the front. There are some that have the brackets in the back and they cannot be seen.

The last piece that makes up a full set of braces are the elastic bands. These bands connect the wire in the brackets. They are not usually seen very much.

The Different Types Of Braces

But there are many different braces available. It would just depend on the individual patients needs the orthodontist is designed to recognize these needs. The braces will be designed to fixed you are specific problem. A general description of braces will, however, give you three main types of braces.

The first type are called brackets. Anyone with these braces will tell you that they are the more common ones that are used. Over half of people wearing braces have this particular type.

The next type of brace is known as a Lingual brace. These are totally different from brackets because they are not on the front of the teeth but or on the back to keep them out of sight.

The last type of orthodontic braces is called a traditional band brace. These are very well known. These are the ones are used to seeing, that have the metal wires all way around them. These are becoming more and more obsolete with all the new technology.

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By Mandi Fain